32 channel soundcraft ghost in argosy desk...

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32 channel soundcraft ghost in argosy desk...

Post by dwelle » Sun Dec 23, 2012 7:49 pm

downsizing mixers, and moving into a toft soon, so i'm looking for a home for my soundcraft ghost.

this is the 32 channel board with the midi automation, meterbridge, with the beefier CPS-275 power supply. i have the manual for it. i'm also selling the argosy desk it came in. this is the one:

http://www.argosyconsole.com/html_inter ... 0G32R.html

has 6 or 8 rack spaces on one side, perfect for patchbays and a bit of outboard. this thing is really slick.

i bought the board in '07 from cuesta college when they decommissioned it to go full digital. the program director who sold it to me noted that they hadn't been using it much as they were focused mostly on digital. they bought the board new.

the board has seen light, but consistent use in my home studio in the time i've owned it. replaced the bridge rectifiers in the power supply about a year and a half ago as they had developed a bit of a buzz, fairly common as i understand it. other than that, i've had no issues with it, even the control room pot. a few crackly pots, but otherwise fully functional and ready to go.

looking for $2500. the argosy desk is big and heavy, shipping is out. freight or some semi local delivery would need to be worked out. i'm in central CA, 2.5 hours from LA, 3 hours from SF. i can help arrange delivery easily anywhere between the two for reasonable $ as i could just bring it to you.

some trades considered. old fender stuff, fuzz pedals, api stuff, hit me up.

great board, and it's served me really well. it's just too damn big for what i'm doing these days.

pm's are cool, you'll get more prompt response from my email, mdwelle at gmail dot com.



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