FS: Lots of stuff. Studer, Metric Halo, mic's, pedals, plugs

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FS: Lots of stuff. Studer, Metric Halo, mic's, pedals, plugs

Post by mjau » Mon Jul 08, 2013 7:53 am

Looking to move a bunch of music and recording gear. Not interested in trades. All items located near Ithaca, in Brooktondale, NY (14817). Prices for some items are somewhat negotiable. PM with any questions and offers. I can get photos to you of any of the items. Thanks!

Studer b67 MKII ?? tape machine: $800 (local pickup only)
The counter stopped working, but otherwise it?s in great shape, with everything else working well. Comes on the roller cart stand. I like it better than any tape simulation plugin, by a long shot. It?s tape ? it sounds good.

Metric Halo ULN-2: $850 + $25 shipping
Not the expanded version, but still pretty amazing converters.

Apogee Duet: $275 + $15 shipping
Comes with original box and everything else. Please note that it?s not the Duet 2.

Tannoy Reveal 5 active monitors (pair): $350 + $40 shipping
Not the new Tannoys, but the older, purple ones.

Blue Mouse condenser mic: $350 + $15 shipping
One of the brackets holding the mic head onto the body has come loose. Doesn?t affect the sound, but does mean you have to be a little careful about placement. The mic itself works perfectly. Blue, transformer-less version.

Oktava mc-012 condenser mics (pair): $275 + $15 shipping
Not a matched pair, but they do well together. Includes two pads, two cardioid capsules, plus one each of the hypercardioid and omni capsules. No mic stand clips, unfortunately.

Beyer m69tg dynamic mic: $90 + $10 shipping
The little brother to the m88, and a great all-around dynamic mic to have around. A bit scratched up, but works perfectly.

Shure Beta 57 dynamic mic: $70 + $10 shipping
Another good workhorse dynamic mic.

UAD-1 PCI card: $600 + $10 shipping
Includes the basic plugins plus Helios EQ, Trident A-Range EQ, Neve 31102 EQ, Pultec Pro EQ, Neve 33609 compressor, LA2A compressor, Precision Buss Compressor, Precision Maximizer, Precision De-Esser, Little Labs IBP phase alignment tool, EMT 140 plate reverb

UAD-1 PCI card: $60 + $10 shipping
Just the usual project pack plugins with this one.

Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster: $600 + $35 shipping
Brown sunburst, rosewood neck, and in very good shape. Fun guitar.

Fender Pawn Shop Bass VI: $700 + $35 shipping
Black with rosewood neck. Upgraded the bridge pickup to an AVRI jazzmaster pickup, and upgraded the strings to La Bella?s. Makes for a great instrument now.

Squier 70?s Strat: $220 + $35 shipping
Black with a maple neck. Swapped in pickups from a Fender 70?s Reissue Strat ? now sounds bigger and strat-ier than stock.

Parts telecaster: $225 + $35 shipping
Coral pink on a pine body, white pickguard, with a strat-style rosewood neck. Two Gretsch Filtertron pickups installed. A unique guitar, and sounds pretty sweet.

Fender Roadworn Precision Bass: $700 + $35 shipping
Red with maple neck. Great player, with one of the best necks I?ve played. Comes with a hard case.

Fender Champion 600 tube amp: $175 + $20 shipping
Little 5-watter that?s been upgraded along the way ? can?t say exactly what?s been done, but I know some cap?s have been upgraded, and a three-position tone rolloff switch was installed. Sounds a lot more open than stock, and makes for a nice practice amp.

Ampeg SVT-3 bass head: $350 + $40 shipping
It?s missing one knob (for the mid contour), but otherwise is in good shape. Solid, round Ampeg sound.

Gallien Krueger Neo 410 bass cab: $300 (local pickup only)
In good shape, and a nice mate to the SVT head. Actually pretty portable for a 4x10 cabinet, too ? not as heavy as you might think.

Pigtronix Philosopher?s Stone compressor pedal: $100 + $10s shipping
Mint, with 18v power supply.

Fulltone OCD v3: $75 + $10 shipping
Nice pedal, but stuck in the low gain position. You might be able to fix it ? I never tried, since I liked it as-is.

Strymon el Capistan delay pedal: $250 + $10 shipping
Pretty awesome delay pedal, and covers lots of ground. Comes with power supply.

Zvex Fuzz Factory: $110 + $10 shipping
Vexter version, and in great shape.

Godasound el Oso Fuzz: $50 + $10 shipping
#1, from a builder in Pittsburgh. On the fuzzface side of things, with TONS of gain on tap. Pretty saturated fuzz.

Moog MF-101 Low Pass Pedal: $120 + $10 shipping
Good shape, works great, sounds great.

Moog EP-1 Expression Pedal: $20 + $5 shipping
The older one.

Moog EP-2 Expression Pedal: $35 + $5 shipping
The newer one.

Arturia Soft Synths: $100
Includes Moog Modular & Oberheim SEM

Toontrack drum samplers: $250
Inclues Roots SDX, Classic & Vintage SDX, Jazz EZX, Classic EZX, Electronic EZX, and folk EZX, along with Superior and EZ Drummer. Will send disks.

Softube CL1B compressor plugin: $175

Soundtoys Decapitator plugin: $125

Abbey Road Plugins: $250
Includes brightness pack, tg limiters, and mastering pack

Radial DI & Radial ReAmp: $125 + $15 shipping
Green passive Radial DI, plus blue Radial ReAmp box. Both in good shape and working great. $75 / each.

Yamaha Stage Custom 14? snare drum: $150 + $25 shipping

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Post by Jeff White » Wed Jul 10, 2013 9:53 am

PM Sent for Moog MF-101.

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Post by Randyman... » Wed Jul 10, 2013 5:42 pm

PM'd for further details on Blue Mouse.

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Post by HeavyHand » Fri Jul 19, 2013 4:31 pm

PM'd about the Oktava's.
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