24 modified PM2000 Mic Preamps (API312 copies)

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24 modified PM2000 Mic Preamps (API312 copies)

Post by Flyingeyepro » Wed Jul 24, 2013 8:51 am

For sale: 24 microphone preamps made from the input channels of the famous Yamaha PM2000 mixing console. It's a well known fact that the PM2000 was influenced heavily by the API Discrete OpAmp mixing topology. I had a console that needed more maintenance than was reasonably possible, mainly switch issues. So I decided to rack up the best part of the console, the microphone preamps. After studying the schematic and pcb layout for months, I realized that I could fashion a very close copy of an API312c mic preamp using the original input channel pcb, input and output transformers. I was able to fit 8 channels in a 2 RU case with XLR input, DB25 output, NL4 for DC power, 8 high quality potentiometers with machined aluminum knobs, switches for 48VDC phantom and 20db pad. The preamps have 55db of gain. They sound very good and have great clarity and transient response. I built a new power supply with +/-24VDC main rails, with multiple stages of filtering. See attached photos for examples of build quality and component robustness. All cabling is included, 3-NL4 for DC power, 3-Canare/Neutrik TRS for outputs. 16RU shockmount case is also included. Price is $15,250. Test drives encouraged.

Photos available

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