Soundtracs PC Midi 32 channel console for sale - Louisiana

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Soundtracs PC Midi 32 channel console for sale - Louisiana

Post by chucklesmcfarland » Mon Aug 25, 2014 10:20 am

t is with a heavy heart that I must bid farewell to my Big Boy recording console. If you or anyone you know dabbles in the recording arts and sciences, please pass the word along.
It's big, it's old, it's heavy, but it does sound superb.
1992 Soundtracs PC Midi series 32 channel console
Power supply rebuilt 2012, strip by strip refurb done 2012, no surprises.
New master section monitor pots installed and any broken pots have already been scavenged from the extra 4 extra channel strips included for parts.
Superb British EQ, 2 sweepable mids
The assignable group outs are currently disabled but can be configured as needed with internal jumpers. (I used direct outs on all channels myself.
4 aux sends, monitor A and B outs, 2 track A and B ins.
Solo on all channels.
Is this going to be a nightmare money pit like that old API I got suckered into?
Short answer - No.
Extensive reconditioning done by yours truly in consultation with the top two Soundtracs experts in the world, Tim at Studiosystems in the UK and Steve "The Soundtracs Guy" in the US, both which offer spares and support. Plus I am happy to offer help when needed.
What's not working?
MIDI muting non functional and disabled for reliability. (obsolete and irrelevant if you are using a DAW)
4 main pan pots on the channels 29-32
1 monitor level pot on channel 14
What's included?
32 channel frame with 32 fully functional channel strips (other than that indicated above).
4 extra 'parts' channel strips with knobs etc.
Rackmount power supply.
I have a few bantam patchbays available if you are interested.
Printout of manual and schematics.
Why are you letting it go?
While this is a superb desk for tracking and summing, the routing and monitoring options can be a limitation.
Is it expensive?
No - Considering you'll be sitting on 32 channels of sweet vintage British steel, I'd say it's a bargain, the best you ever had. Please message me for $ specifics, I will be open to partial trades.
Delivery available near Lafayette, LA
Let me know if you have any questions. I'd like to see this desk make many more great recordings, hoping to find it a loving home.

check the craigslist ad for pics!
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Post by leeboy » Thu Sep 11, 2014 11:43 am

LOVE these boards ! I miss the one I had to leave back in the UK....

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