FS- dbx 165A, Urei LA-4, Apogee Rosetta 200 and more...

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FS- dbx 165A, Urei LA-4, Apogee Rosetta 200 and more...

Post by lurker » Sat Dec 20, 2014 9:10 pm

I'm cleaning house a little to finance some other purchases and am hoping to keep it off eBay, so get in touch and let's make something happen. I will consider reasonable offers, and might be interested in taking another Distressor as partial trade. All prices include ground shipping in the continental US and PayPal fees. Pretty easy, right?

Get in touch for pictures!

(2) dbx 165A compressor/limiters

$1800 (pair w/ link cable); $1100 (A+ shape unit); $750 (unit needing service)

Slightly more modern cousin of the venerable 160vu, which I also have a pair of and they're not going anywhere. Featuring a fully adjustable compressor section with their Overeasy mode, and an additional Peakstop limiter as well. Great on bass, vocals, guitar and I especially liked it on snare. I'm really thinking about keeping one of them, so buy them both before I change my mind.

They were serviced by Vintage King when I purchased them, and one is still in great functional shape. The other has recently developed an issue where it will only pass audio in bypass mode. These currently go for $1250 @ Vintage King, so my pricing is a great deal, and should leave you plenty of scratch to have them serviced and brought into tip top shape.

(2) Urei LA-4 silver face compressors

$1100 (pair w/ link cable)

Great pair of opto comp/limiters. They are in great shape, but I am not including the XLR pigtails for I/O connections, so you'll have to make or purchase some yourself. Do yourself a favor and get Eddie Ciletti's op amp mods for these. I had them and they really opened these compressors up and made them shine on pretty much anything. I sold the upgraded op amps and adapters to a friend so they're not included in this sale. But the upgrade is only about $200, which is a steal for the improvement they make.

Apogee Rosetta 200


24/192 stereo AD/DA converter. Fully functional, and in great cosmetic shape. I've seen a lot of these units for sale at comparable prices that have loose connectors or issues with the power switch or whatever else. This one is I great shape and does the Apogee thing to your audio with grace.

MOTU PCIe-424 card


Fully functional and will ship in its original box.

MOTU 2408 mkIII


Multi-channel AD/DA interface loaded with I/O options. I used this when I had my Radar so that I could use the Radar's converters as the I/O for my DAW. Has 8 channels of analog I/O (Meh; I probably wouldn't use it unless you got it modified from Black Lion Audio) but it also has 24 channels of ADAT I/O and 24 channels of TDIF, as well as stereo S/PDIF, AND a pair of decent headphone amps on the front. Comes with a MOTU Audiowire (FireWire) cable. I also have a set of 3' TDIF cables if you're in need of them. If you're interested in the PCIe card listed above we can work something out.



24/192 12-channel converter. In great cosmetic shape and works 100%. While a lot of MOTU's converters leave something to be desired, this one can definitely yield some great results. It's a great way to add 12 ins and 12 outs for a crazy good price. Definitely consider Black Lion Audio's mod for this and you'll be in good shape. Comes with an AudioWire cable, AND a 10' 24-channel Canare snake wired to (12) male and (12) female Neutrik gold pin XLRs. Other end of the snake is blunt end. If you're interested in the PCIe card listed above we can work something out.

Peterson 420 Strobe Tuner


For an extra $50 (and some extra waiting time) I can take it in to the factory to have it calibrated and serviced for your peace of mind, but this thing is in awesome condition. Sadly, I've come to realize that a lot of the musicians I work with have a hard time using a real strobe tuner, and prefer the old Korg rack tuner. So this guy needs to find a new home that will appreciate him.

I may have some other odds and ends to add once I finish going through boxes, but get in touch if you're interested. Thanks for looking![/img]
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