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F/S Soundcraft 1624 Console

Posted: Sun Jul 05, 2015 4:10 pm
by CustomRecordingCo.
For sale is our Soundcraft 1624 mix console

We purchased this about a year ago. It was in pretty bad shape when we bought it, but spent a lot of time and money trying to bring it up to spec. In the mean time, we got a great deal on a new console that fits our needs better, so this one has got to go. This console was originally installed in TNN television studios.

The good.
This is being pulled from a functioning studio. Meaning, it was in regular use. The master module was repaired as soon as we got it because it didn't pass audio. Every pot and switch has been cleaned. It comes with the stand, all cabling, two power supplies, 9 spare input modules, 3 spare buss modules, manual, schematics, spare TT patch cables, spare patch bay jacks, P&G faders, and various PCB's and knobs, and all the spare caps and IC's we were in the process of replacing.

The bad.
Most all functions work on the console. There are various channels that are noisy, switches that need some fumbling to work, ect. The Ch. 16 buss doesn't send out through the tape sends for whatever reason. Most of the VU meter bulbs don't light and/or light intermittently. The solo functions are intermittent, and 2 aux channels were noisy. Most issues seem to be related to the ribbon cable.

This is a great console with lots of cool character! Johnny Cash and a host of other legendary country artists most likely passed audio through this desk considering it's initial installation! This would be a really great desk as is for a Protools rig. You could work around the issues with no problem in that application. For us, we were using it with a 16 track tape machine and it just got to cumbersome to patch and repatch to avoid the bad channels and noisy busses. Like I mentioned, we've been slowly restoring it, but a new console sort of fell into our laps so we decided to say good bye to the Soundcraft. Some one with a little time should be able to work through all of these issues to finish restoring it. For a larger format console, it has a fairly small foot print so it'll fit into home studios nicely (it's roughly 3'x6'). It's also very impressive to look at (always a plus for your clients' Instagram feeds!... :)

We're asking only what we paid for it. $1200.00. Taking a loss here on our parts/ repair costs thus far. Would consider partial trades for studio equipment, but need at least half cash in the deal.

If you have any questions about it, please don't hesitate to ask!

Located south of Chicago, IL in Crete.



Soundcraft 1624

Posted: Wed Dec 09, 2015 2:01 pm
by KPaul
Do you still have this?

Posted: Fri Dec 11, 2015 1:36 pm
by CustomRecordingCo.
this console has sold. Sorry