fs: diy copper 'long tube' pencil mic bodies

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fs: diy copper 'long tube' pencil mic bodies

Post by themagicmanmdt » Wed Jul 22, 2015 11:04 pm

hey all,

i bought these from a DIY-er in chicago a few years ago, and i'm just cleaning out some projects that i'm not going to focus on - and doing a DIY SDC/'pencil' mic is just not gonna happen!

so, yeah! that's what's up.

$50 shipped gets the two custom bodies. they're big enough around and long enough that you could fit an EF86 or other small 9 pin tube in there (which was the plan). you could also do a 'royer mod' circuit, or go transistor. there's plenty of room.

no capsule included, and no XLR included (you should pick how many pins you need when you want to build it around your circuit you're using). but, the rest is there. also including the paper-in-oil caps that you can mount in the PSU for the output of the mics. i feel they should go with them.

$50 shipped in the US. how's that for a bargain?


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