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Otari MX5050 MKIII (8-track version) - What's a fair price?

Posted: Wed Aug 19, 2015 12:44 pm
by greatmagnet
Hey Gang,

haven't posted here in a looong time! But I'm feeling a little out-of-touch about something: I have an MX5050 8-channel version that I actually bough from someone on TOMB at least a decade ago, and I haven't been using it much for at least half that time.

I remember what I bought it for, and it looks like they're selling for quite a bit more than that now, if eBay is to be trusted, but I'm not sure if I'm on-track because mine doesn't have a stand or a remote's just the deck.

otherwise it's in good shape. What's a legit used price on one of these right now if I were to hope to actually sell it on TOMB etc?

Any help is appreciated!


Posted: Sat Aug 22, 2015 4:31 pm
by greatmagnet
Okay, good talk.

Posted: Sun Aug 23, 2015 8:01 am
by elbows
It's incredible how pricey the 5050's have become, but not totally surprising. After all, they are pretty amazing machines.

I'd say a fair price would be somewhere between 500-800 dollars. At least that's what I'd consider paying for one in good condition.

Good game. Hope this helps!

Posted: Sun Aug 23, 2015 10:17 am
by kslight
Your best bet would be if you can find someone locally, assuming you probably don't want to ship it? Can always put it on eBay as local pickup only if you want to get in front of more people than TOMB will offer? Might not be easy to move without a remote and stand, at least that's been my experience with selling tape decks.

I would start at 20-30% less than eBay average on equivalent machines (condition, no remote, etc) if you just want to do it locally and see if anyone bites?expect a little more if you want to ship...but it of course really depends on the demand for your machine and finding the right buyer, how long you are willing to wait for the right buyer to show up?I ended up taking trades just to move one of my decks that I couldn't ship and couldn't find a buyer willing to pay fairly for. Ended up doing a lot better on the trades than I would have just with cash, of course then I ended up with other items to sell instead..but they were much easier to ship.

TOMB is kind of hard to sell on, doesn't seem nearly as active as it used to be. I always post things for 10-15% cheaper on here than I do for Craigslist/eBay deals, and I don't charge for shipping/PayPal... but very rarely do I get TOMB member responses?or maybe just don't have the right gear that anyone here wants.


Posted: Fri Mar 18, 2016 9:58 am
by greatmagnet
Hey, helpful insights, guys!

Somehow the board didn't send me an email heads-up about these replies, so I'm just seeing 'em now. But belatedly, thanks!

Posted: Sat Mar 19, 2016 10:20 am
by tmoneygetpaid
I sold mine recently for $1200, but I had just done a bunch of work on it (JRF relapped the heads, rewired pin 2-hot, thoroughly cleaned, replaced some parts, did a full alignment including aligning the input, output, VUs, SRL, &c). and included a bunch of stuff (1-year old MRL, 2 extra IEC channel cards, a Han-D-Mag, a couple take up reels, and 2 used reels). My heads also had unusually high life left, estimated at 70% record and playback, 90% erase by JRF.