SOLD: Furman IT-1210 balanced power in NYC $450

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SOLD: Furman IT-1210 balanced power in NYC $450

Post by kakumei47 » Thu Feb 18, 2016 12:27 pm

This has been SOLD. Thanks!

Furman IT-1210 balanced power system. Isolates your electrical supply ground from your studio gear with a giant transformer. Brings down noise substantially (Furman says 16db) console and old gear is much much quieter on this.

Just selling because I have the 20amp version and it's plenty to run all of my gear. Used this for a year or so to run an ITB setup and a couple racks of gear. Simple and works great. Also makes a good power switch to your whole studio... ... manual.pdf

Pickup in NYC strongly preferred (it's really heavy although I have the original boxes). $450 pickup in Greenpoint/Williamsburg.

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