SOLD: Modified/Restored Soundcraft 2400 - $3k OBO, NE Ohio

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SOLD: Modified/Restored Soundcraft 2400 - $3k OBO, NE Ohio

Post by sircletus » Thu Apr 06, 2017 3:46 pm

For Sale:

Modified/Restored Soundcraft 2400 $3,000 OBO

Local pickup in Akron, OH only.

For sale is my precious Soundcraft 2400. Lots of mods/updates, listed below. But first, some background.

This split-configuration desk was basically the Audient of its day, a more affordable alternative to SSL and Neve. The 2400 was Soundcraft?s flagship product at the time. This particular console dates to 1981 with some newer parts dated to 1984, likely replacement modules. It is a 24 bus console with 24 track busses, 24 channel faders, 6 auxes, 16 return faders, and an additional 8 channel ?return? module. Basically, 40 channels at mix, all with EQs. Integrated patchbay. The console is fully UN-balanced, which isn?t an issue with proper studio wiring. All mic inputs are also unbalanced (!!!) and, goofier still, pin 3 is hot (back before these things were standardized). I?ve never used the mic pre?s, so the inputs on the back of the desk (mic inputs are all on XLR) will need to be rewired to pin 2 hot. No big deal. Hell, I?ll even help if you?re interested. I?ve been using this console for the past few years purely for summing and EQ in conjunction with my SSL Matrix. People like to dump on Soundcraft, but I love this thing and I hate to part with it. But I don?t have enough room in my new place, so it?s got to go.


- The all-important grounding mod. Lowers noise floor tremendously.
- All power supply rails except phantom power have been rebuilt (remember, I never used the mic pres)
- Meter lamps replaced with dimmable LEDs.
- Fully upgraded, re-capped master section up-chipped with LME49720/10 op-amps
- I have re-capped and up-chipped several channels, but never got around to finishing all of them
- I have all the caps, op-amps and sockets needed to mod all 24 input channels, included in the sale

The good:

- It?s in pretty damn good shape
- It?s an absolute blast to tinker with
- Short signal path ripe for mods
- Easy and inexpensive to repair
- Actually sounds pretty damn good
- Pretty good EQs!
- Buttery smooth P&G faders
- The big stuff has already been done
- All inputs are on ELCO connectors; I have Mogami DB-25 to ELCOs for you!
- All outputs are on XLRs.

The bad:

- Stuck pan pot on one of the return faders
- I need to repair one return channel for you!


- Manual, schematics
- Op-amps and sockets (OPA2134s) to finish channel mods
- Pile of Panasonic FCs to finish channel mods
- 1 pair Cinemag output trafos for stereo master bus

Other stuff:

All I/O on this console goes through the integrated patchbay before interfacing with the outside world. So if something seems to suddenly stop working, it?s usually a patch point needing cleaning, typically at the insert return jack. Some Caig De-oxit fixes it right up. I also have spare TT jacks for the patchbay, and full manual with schematics. Oh, and it comes with its own legs, so nothing to worry about there.

The console is currently empty (except for master section and patchbay), and the frame is under a tarp in my basement. All channels and return modules are stored safely in plastic bins.

I will gladly provide tips/assistance on finishing (and continuing) mods if you?re interested. I was going to replace the summing amps with discrete op-amps and add transformer-balanced stereo bus outs, but never got around to it.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. I?ve got more than $3k in her and I?m not exactly in a hurry to get rid of the ol? girl, so lowball offers will be rejected with prejudice. And you know what? If you buy it, I?ll help you get it installed/commissioned and help you troubleshoot and consult for mods for three months after purchase if you live in NE Ohio.

Pics on Google Photos:
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