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Buy/Sell/Trade Rules-- Read before posting

Posted: Tue May 23, 2017 9:33 am
by tomb
1. This forum is for individuals (read: not businesses) to offer gear to other members, it's more like craigslist than ebay. Use at your own risk!

2. Do not post links to your ebay auction/ reverb sale. This is member to member, not advertisement for your auctions.

3. Labeling your post. Keep this forum easy to navigate through, please be sure to put either an "FS" ("for sale") or a "WTB" ("wanted to buy") or "T" ("trade") before each subject heading...
if you're only selling something locally only, feel free to add your city as well.
ex. FS: NYC: Shure SM57

4. Keep it clean. We won't delete a thread if something sells. please either change the subject heading and include "SOLD" after the original subject heading (ex. FS: NYC: Shure SM57-SOLD), or, post a "sold" comment to the thread.

5. Scammers:
Be smart when buying/selling/trading - get as much info as you can about the person/s you are doing business with. the TOMB is in no way to be held responsible for any scam posts/users/etc.