SOLD! - Fostex X77 4 Track Cassette Multitrack Recorder FULLY RESTORED!

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SOLD! - Fostex X77 4 Track Cassette Multitrack Recorder FULLY RESTORED!

Post by sizzlemeister » Tue Aug 01, 2017 6:08 pm

SOLD! - Thanks for the bandwidth.

That's right, this Fostex X77 has been fully restored and is in perfect operational condition.

Basic specs: 4 track recorder, 6 track mixer with 2 Neutrik XLR inputs in the rear for channels 5 and 6. Dolby C noise reduction, full logic controls. Tape speed 3 3/4 IPS.

This was Fostex's top end consumer model in 1997. A very nice unit, fully spec'd for better than basic amateur cassette recording needs.

It sounds excellent! Very clean, and there's a reason for that, which you'll discover as you read on. Fat tape compression with or without the Dolby. The signal path is very quiet without any background noise. Again, these were Fostex's high-end consumer units from back in the day and very well designed.

All functions work great. I fully restored this unit. The original power supply must have shorted, taking out the power regulation inside as well as the display lighting.

So, this unit was completely disassembled, every part cleaned one by one, and fully restored.

Here's what was done:

Repair power regulation and filtering (new regulator and caps).
Clean and lube all gears in the tape transport and heading lifting mechanisms.
Clean the heads, capstan, pinch roller and the rest of the tape path.
All buttons cleaned.
Front jacks resoldered for stability.
All plastic removed and hand-cleaned: knobs, buttons, switch caps, casing.
Incandescent back-lighting replaced.
Sliders cleaned, pots cleaned where necessary.
Inspect and reset drive belts.

This was a weird unit, on the inside, it looked barely used. The heads were exceptionally clean and look new. The belts look new.

The outside looks like it has been used as much as you would expect a 20 year old unit like this would be used.

Again, everything was cleaned in the sink with soap and water and so, while it looks used, it's very clean and definitely not nasty like most used units you find, working or not.

Comes with replacement power supply and original user manual.

$275 plus shipping





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