FS Yamaha PM2000 32 Channel Console Modded

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FS Yamaha PM2000 32 Channel Console Modded

Post by realmseeker » Sun Sep 24, 2017 7:18 pm

Selling my one of a kind Yamaha PM2000 32 Channel, 8 Buss console with discrete preamps based around API 2520 / Jensen 990 style opamps. Tamura input transformers and eight discrete output amps into transformers on each buss. Incredible sounding desk similar to the API 1604 Console from the 70's. Punchy and warm with plenty of headroom. Channels 1-8 have custom Inductor EQ! Direct outs on each channel via channel send/returns. The console was just completely tested, fader/switches cleaned and is excellent working condition.

$7,999.00 OBO


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