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Auditronics Console Parts 110 and 501

Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 3:33 pm
by napinbox
I have one complete empty 110 16 Chan 4 buss frame. It is in good shape. All wiring is intact but it is an empty frame. Does have all 4 vus complete with buffer circuits.

I have quite a few 110 a-30 output cards with Jensen transformers.

110 mother and daughter boards

Some of the 501 mother and daughter boards left. Some are already sold.

An entire output card set for a 501 console. These are the older triad magnetics transformers and can supply schematics for the output cards as well.

110/501 plastic conductive faders - believe these came out of a 501. They are plastic conductive ala p&g faders. Need to be cleaned up but seem to be fine. There is around 18 or so available.

Master section modules out of a 501. I have everything but the control room monitor module.

I have a few spare sos routing modules from a 501

I have approx 6 parts Im pres out of a 501. Most are missing various parts/have been picked through over the years but have the inductors and xfrms and switches pots etc.

I have spare patchbays from a 501

Entire meter bridge from 501 with all meters. Formica wood is rough but otherwise it's all there.

Cut down sidecar frame and rails etc for a small 16-18 channel 501. Can provide pics. Has armrest etc.

Probably have lots more lying around. If it's a 110 or a 501 part you are hunting for shoot me a text.

Thanks guys,

Re: Auditronics Console Parts 110 and 501

Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2020 10:05 am
by Delta-Sonic Sound
I'm looking for schematics for an Auditronics 110-8 "Grandson". Can anybody help?