Rascal Two-V dual channel 500 series preamp

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Rascal Two-V dual channel 500 series preamp

Post by mindbreathe » Mon Feb 05, 2018 8:00 pm

I purchased this wonderful (dual channel, API 500 series format) preamp new about a year ago for my (non-smoking, dust free) recording studio. The unit has seen extremely little use however, because my business has become entirely focused on video production. This preamp is spectacular and is hands down the most versatile preamp I have ever used. Also of note: this preamp is really excellent for pairing with a RMS Folcrom passive Pro Tools mix summing box.

"The Rascal Audio Two-V is a remarkable, dual-channel, 500 Series microphone amplifier built to fully satisfy the most discerning professional who craves vintage tone, but requires more than a one-trick pony. A true desert-island microphone amplifier for tone-lovers, the Two-V couples a deceptively simple yet uniquely powerful gain structure with dynamically responsive, Class A gain blocks to produce what is simply the most inspiring and tonally flexible, discrete, transformer-balanced microphone amplifier on the market. And above all, its tone is musical! Whether it's producing fluid, articulate gain for your guitar amps, classic British, Class A bulk for your drums, or pure buttery silk for your lead vocal, the Two-V from Rascal Audio delivers gorgeous, engaging, opulent tone every time."




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