FS: Roll Music Systems RMS216 Folcrom

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FS: Roll Music Systems RMS216 Folcrom

Post by mindbreathe » Mon Feb 19, 2018 8:33 am

For sale is my Roll Music Systems RMS216 Folcrom passive summing mixer. This is an essential item for any studio. Connect 16 (or less) analog outputs from your DAW to the Folcrom and with the buttons on each channel assign each one to be panned left, right, or center, then connect the Folcrom to your favorite stereo mic preamp and add about 40db of gain. Your mixes will sound RADICALLY better than mixing ITB! The coolest feature of this unit is that any pair of mic preamps you use with it will impart their own sound to your mix, so you can choose what mic pres you use based on your music project. I have had really good experiences with a couple different mic pres, including the Rascal Two-V unit I am currently selling (check my other page for that).

"The Roll Music Systems RMS216 Folcrom is a high quality passive mixer intended for multichannel analog summing of digital mixes. It uses no active circuitry and provides no gain or level controls. The idea is to control the level, panning, EQ, and effects sends of your mix from within the DAW, and send as many as 16 different tracks or submixes to a high quality multichannel outboard DAC which in turn feeds the Folcrom. You then perform only the summing in the analog domain. This enables you to maintain absolute repeatability from within your DAW.

Each of the Folcrom's input channels features a balanced connection on standard 8-channel DB25 connectors and a pair of push-button switches to assign that channel to the Left or Right output, neither, or both. The output of the Folcrom is a stereo pair of balanced, 150-ohm signals on XLR connectors and requires approximately 30-40dB of make-up gain (program dependent). This signal is ideally suited for feeding into an outboard microphone preamp of your choosing. The Folcrom is therefore able to assume a wide variety of tonal character dependent on your choice of amplifier. The Folcrom itself has an extremely simple, pure, and transparent signal path. The absence of faders, EQ, aux sends, pan knobs, or any other superfluous features allows for an entirely passive circuit. There are no amplifiers, ICs, transistors, capacitors, or transformers in the signal path whatsoever. The simplicity of the fully balanced, symmetrical signal path allows the use of no-compromise passive components for ultimate fidelity. The unit passes signals "from DC to daylight" without coloration. The "sound" of your mixer is up to you and your preamps. Chances are your mic preamps just sit there unused at mixdown time anyway, so why not put them to work?

By excluding the make-up gain amplifier from the Folcrom, RMS is able to provide an ultimate quality summing buss without compromise and at a price that's less than you paid for your car. At the same time, it provides a unique opportunity for wide tonal control by allowing you to choose your flavor of make-up gain. Put those old Telefunken or RCA tube preamps to work when you want super thick warmth; or plug into your Great River MP-2NV when you need pristine clarity."

Pictures: https://reverb.com/item/10472614-roll-m ... rom-rms216

$500 + $35 s/h


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