FS in Milwaukee: Tascam 38, 34 and a bunch of accessories

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FS in Milwaukee: Tascam 38, 34 and a bunch of accessories

Post by Magnetic Services » Tue Aug 14, 2018 10:13 am

Tascam 38: $800 very firm, local pickup only (Milwaukee)
-Price is based on a few hundred for the machine, plus a bunch of improvements I made to it, minus a some flaws (see below)

-Power supply recapped by Jim Williams (worth $220)
-Heads relapped and aligned by JRF Magnetics (worth $210)
-Right reel motor replaced with rebuilt motor + new counter PCB (worth $107)
-Capstan motor replaced (worth $80)
-Replaced one VU meter (worth $43)
-Belt replaced (worth $13)
-Pinch roller in great condition
-Comes with original manual

-Four of the channel cards have burnt out bias pots and do not record! You could replace this part cheaply or get new cards for about $40 each.
-FFW button sometimes needs to be pressed hard (could be replaced fairly easily)

Tascam 34 (parts machine): $75
-Missing capstan motor (used in the 38)
-Channel cards don't all work (used some parts in the 38)
-Comes with original manual
-Replaced pinch roller!!
-Could be a cool tape echo if fixed up

A bunch of snakes, MRL tape, demagnetizer, ART T8 transformer isolator, and more: PM for details

Thanks for looking!

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