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SKNote Ferro Stereo Parallel EQ

Posted: Fri Nov 16, 2018 3:45 pm
by jabberz
I am saddened by this but I must begin to unload my unused treasures.

This is a secret weapon in anyones studio. Its really hard to explain the magic that this does to your mixes.

The best description comes from the creators mouth:

"Ferro is a hardware, analog, stereo equalizer for high frequencies. It is extremely useful to add smooth brightness and life to mono and stereo tracks and mixes. An internal Mid/Side matrix makes Mid and Side independent equalization available simply through a switch...."

It includes a makeup gain unit (the output level is the same as input, doesn't need an external gain stage) and an internal Mid-Side encoding-decoding matrix.

Additional features are:

- Mid-Side mode activated by a toggle switch. One channel acts on Mid, the other one acts on side component of the stereo signal
- Mid-Side balance rotary switch. A stepped rotary control (with off mode at its center position) lets us fine balance Mid and Side components, to add focus or width to the stereo content
- 100% passive mode (un-powered Ferro mode, the original unit) is still available in this "powered" unit. Switching off the power supply sets true bypass mode
- FET makeup gain stage for 0dB in to out gain

mid/side EQing mode (mid on mid, high on side):

balancing mid and side by center control:

1000 USD plus shipping anywhere