Vintage Neumann M582 Tube Condenser Microphone Pair with M71, M58, M94 & M70 capsules

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Vintage Neumann M582 Tube Condenser Microphone Pair with M71, M58, M94 & M70 capsules

Post by onerevolution » Wed Dec 05, 2018 2:59 pm

Here is a really unique opportunity to acquire an ultimate pair of vintage Neumann M582 tube condenser microphones and set of capsules. The M582 had been a sleeper microphone for awhile, but they have become more widely recognized and revered in recent years. The threaded versions of the M582 are in higher demand and do not come up as often as the screw-on versions (which only work with the M62 cardioid capsule). It took years and some luck, but I was able to find matched sets of capsules (most with consecutive or nearly consecutive serial numbers).

This set contains pairs of the M71 cardioid capsule (with a large-membrane PVC diaphragm, like used in the M7 capsule), the M58 omni capsule (with a small-membrane PVC diaphragm), the M94 cardioid capsule (the threaded version of the M62 capsule, with a small-membrane Nickel-foil diaphragm, like used in the KM54 mic) and M70 cardioid capsules (with a small-membrane Nickel-foil diaphragm).

These M582 bodies will also work with any of the other threaded capsules including: the UM70 (the multi-patterned version of the M71 that switches between cardioid, omni and figure-8—although the figure-8 only works with MV69x mics), the M69 omni, the M93 (which essentially is just a M58 but released later), the M73 cardioid shotgun capsule and potentially a few others I have read about but have never seen. The other beauty of these capsules is that they also work with the solid-state version MV690, MV691 and MV692 preamp bodies (if you already have any of those or want to further expand your sonic palette down the road).

Overall with this microphone set you get a pair of high quality microphones (in Very Good/Excellent condition considering their age). that combine the warmth of the vintage tube circuitry with the superb detail of the range of finely manufactured capsules that cover just about anything you would want to use Small Diaphragm Condensers on (as well as a Large Diaphragm Condensers with the M71 capsules). It will cover more ground than most other pairs of microphones and will likely become your favorite choice for many applications.

This mic package also includes:
  • The highest quality power supply, built by Hamptone, that really improves the sound over the original N58, N61 or others. The TMPS2 is a dual channel power supply that provides filament and plate voltage via two 5-pin gold XLR connectors and the output is via two 3-pin gold XLR connectors. It was just re-calibrated with this mic set at the end of November by Scott Hampton.
    Pair of 18 foot Gotham GA-7 microphone cables (7 Conductors), specially designed for tube microphones, with NOS Neumann NS-84 and Neutrik 5-pin gold XLR connectors put together for me by Redco Audio.
    Pair of after-market shock mounts designed by Peluso Microphone Lab.
    The original wooden boxes the capsules came with. (except the M70s).
All of the capsules were carefully tested and matched by Thiersch in Germany (who worked for Neumann Berlin and Neumann Gefell between the 50’s-70’s). Both M94 capsules, M70 capsules and one of the M58 capsules were re-skinned by Thiersch, the premier technician in the world for this process. The re-skinned M58 was matched to the other M58 that did not need to be re-skinned, and the pair of M71 were already well matched and did not need to be re-skinned either. The M582 bodies were checked out and refurbished by Gefell years ago and they were sent to another famous Neumann expert in the States (hence the Gefell boxes with the 70 year anniversary tape). They were working together to potentially re-release the microphones, but that never ended up happening, so the M582 bodies haven’t seen much use at all since then. In fact all the capsules have seen little use since coming back from Thiersch as well (and they were used with another pair of M582 I own). But these two M582 preamp bodies have been thoroughly tested with all the different capsules and everything is working well. I have not been doing much live tracking and so I hesitantly have decided to sell this ultimate matched set and just keep one of my M582 mics.

  • Gefell put the replacement black body covers on when they refurbished the M582 bodies, but if you would prefer original 60’s/70’s but non-matching body covers, let me know as I can maybe swap them with the other M582 I’m keeping and the other M582 I will also be selling in the future.
    My priority is the keep this matched set all together—but in case you already have a matched pair of one of the capsule types or only need three sets of capsules instead of all four, I may be willing to sell a slightly trimmed down combination.
    For International Shipping, please contact me for a quote.
    In any of these cases above, or just in general, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
More photos and info on my Reverb listing: ... ike-cmv563

$4600 through TapeOp (via PayPal with Free Shipping in the continental US)


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