Rane MC22 Mojo Stereo Compressor!! Excellent condition!

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Rane MC22 Mojo Stereo Compressor!! Excellent condition!

Post by Brett Siler » Thu Dec 20, 2018 6:43 pm

Shipping: $25.00

The Rane MC22 is an excellent sounding stereo compressor. It can be used as dual mono or linked stereo. It really excels on bass. It gives a thick lowend! It sounds excellent on drums and percussion. I really like it on kick drum. Keeps the lowend controlled and tight as well as adding a nice smack to the attack. Vocals are nice a clear through this. Sounds great on master buss too.

Very simple to use, just Ratio and Threshold. No messing with attack and release for hours. Just turn the threshold and go!

It’s in near mint condition. Great unit!

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