Symetrix 425 Stereo Compressor!!

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Symetrix 425 Stereo Compressor!!

Post by Brett Siler » Thu Dec 20, 2018 6:46 pm

Shipping: $25.00

The Symetrix 425! This is a great unit. Very clean, almost transparent compressor. Sounds great on vocals, acoustic guitar, drums, percussion, a drum buss and mix buss! It add subtle pleasing harmonics and goo to what you put it on, but keeps your original sound intact. You can use the unit as dual mono or linked stereo. So that two excellent analog compressors for less than most plugins!

It also features a gate/expander to reduce or cut out any background noise.

There is a slight bend in the faceplate but it doesn’t affect the sound at all. Purely cosmetic.

Great unit and very easy to use!

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