Rane DC24 analog multiband compressor!! Excellent shape!

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Rane DC24 analog multiband compressor!! Excellent shape!

Post by Brett Siler » Thu Dec 20, 2018 7:14 pm

Shipping: $25.00

The Rane DC24 is a unique piece. Not many purely analog multiband compressors exist! Tighten and boost the lowend for a controlled bass heavy sound. Control overwhelming wooly midrange into a smooth sound. Get tame spiky high end. Super cool!!

The DC24 also has a sidechain feature so you say duck the bass so kick drum pops through in a mix.

You could also just use it as a broadband compressor. Clean, simple and effective, sounds great on vocals.

It also has a gate that is clean and simple to operate as well.

I’m also including their proprietary power supply, which is actually hard to find. I see those go for $75-100 alone!

Here is an additional review as well:

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