FS:Tube Mics, Vintage Outboard, Tape Machines..Altec, Urei....

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FS:Tube Mics, Vintage Outboard, Tape Machines..Altec, Urei....

Post by Lukas » Fri Jan 25, 2019 9:49 am

Hi there, some of these items are in Montreal, Canada, some are in Melbourne, Australia and will be shipped to Montreal in a few months and can be shipped to you after that. I am taking reservations on the equipment coming from Australia, and can ship the items in Montreal immediately.

Prices in USD, buyer responsible for Paypal fees. Open to offers. Thanks!

Available from Montreal, QC

1. ADR Panscan - 800$ - Working - SOLD
2. Mackay Radio Tube Compressor - 1400$ - Passing audio, but needs further servicing by a veteran tube tech. Similar to a RCA BA6 with uber rare and desirable Kenyon Transformers, UTC input transformer. Rectifier replaced with a Diode Bridge, recapped and Threshold knob moved to the front. Huge 40s tube design.
3. Altec 1567a - 1200$ -Working, was modded by a tech from previous owner. Has DI inputs only, but you can mod one or all channels easily to have a 4722 if you want to use it as a mic pre
4. Sebatron VMP2000E - 1000$ - Working with NOS Telefunken Diamond series tubes
5. Tapco 4400 Spring Reverb- 400$ - Working. One spring tank was replaced with modern identical equivalent
6. MCI JH-16 24 Track 2" machine, fully recapped (will be completed in under 60 days), original remote, non original autolocator. Full documentation, heads are good. 6k
7. Studer A807 Reproducer and Recorder. In good condition with minor wear. With trolly. 4.5k

To be reserved, or picked up in Melbourne
1. Urei 546 - 1000$ - Working - I highly suggest sending it to Jim Williams as he completely mods it to compete with a GML 8200 for 500$.
2. Valley People Kepex II Gates x 4 w/ 10 space rack+PS - PS needs 2 caps replaced, and two power transistors replaced. Modules are working. Aesthetically in rough shape. - 250$
3. Dept Of Ships Tube Compressor - Passing audio, but needs further servicing by a veteran tube tech. Sounded amazing when it was going, and you can bypass the compressor with a switch and just use it as a mic pre. Ross Giles last serviced it. - 1200$
4. Focal Solo6 x 2 - Working, but occasional DC spikes occur - needs to be looked at. Bought new from Awave. - 900$
5. Little Labs IBP Jr. - Working - 300$
6. Tannoy Ribbon Mic (Large) - Working with long cable - 700$
7. Musicman HD210 - Working - Tremolo not currently functioning (easy fix) - 1000$
8. Pearlman TM2 - Working with Dave P made capsule - 900$
9. STC 4032, 4021, 4037 x 2, 4035 - All working perfectly except 4021 (comes with box tho), 4032 moddded to always be on and xlr installed - 1000$ takes the lot.
10. AKG D224 - Working, body has slight dent - 250$
11. Sennheiser MD21 - Working - 150$
12. EV 667a - Working with suspension system - 900$
13. Altec Lipstic Tube Mic - Working with cardiod capsule - sescom transformer and new cable installed by Ross Giles - 1000$
14. Revox A77 - Working with Motown/Abbey Road mod by Broadcast Workshop, VUs are a bit funny but work fine, comes with rare side speakers - 900$
15. Alesis Midiverb 3 - PS missing (can be found easily) - 100$
16. Aphex Aural Exciter - Working - 100$

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