FS:Tube Mics, Vintage Outboard, Tape Machines..Altec, Urei....

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FS:Tube Mics, Vintage Outboard, Tape Machines..Altec, Urei....

Post by Lukas » Fri Jan 25, 2019 9:49 am

Hi there, some of these items are in Montreal, Canada, some are in Melbourne, Australia and will be shipped to Montreal in a few months and can be shipped to you after that. I am taking reservations on the equipment coming from Australia, and can ship the items in Montreal immediately. There will be much more gear coming up for sale including MCI 24t JH-16, SSL Converters, Neumann Mics, Compex compressors etc.

Prices in USD, buyer responsible for Paypal fees. Open to offers. Thanks!

Available Immediately from Montreal, QC

1. ADR Panscan - 800$ - Working
2. Mackay Radio Tube Compressor - 1400$ - Passing audio, but needs further servicing by a veteran tube tech. Similar to a RCA BA6 with uber rare and desirable Kenyon Transformers, UTC input transformer. Rectifier replaced with a Diode Bridge, recapped and Threshold knob moved to the front. Huge 40s tube design.
3. Altec 1567a - 1200$ -Working, was modded by a tech from previous owner. Has DI inputs only, but you can mod one or all channels easily to have a 4722 if you want to use it as a mic pre
4. Sebatron VMP2000E - 1000$ - Working with NOS Telefunken Diamond series tubes
5. Tapco 4400 Spring Reverb- 400$ - Working. One spring tank was replaced with modern identical equivalent

To be reserved, or picked up in Melbourne
1. Urei 546 - 1000$ - Working - I highly suggest sending it to Jim Williams as he completely mods it to compete with a GML 8200 for 500$.
2. Valley People Kepex II Gates x 4 w/ 10 space rack+PS - PS needs 2 caps replaced, and two power transistors replaced. Modules are working. Aesthetically in rough shape. - 250$
3. Dept Of Ships Tube Compressor - Passing audio, but needs further servicing by a veteran tube tech. Sounded amazing when it was going, and you can bypass the compressor with a switch and just use it as a mic pre. Ross Giles last serviced it. - 1200$
4. Focal Solo6 x 2 - Working, but occasional DC spikes occur - needs to be looked at. Bought new from Awave. - 900$
5. Little Labs IBP Jr. - Working - 300$
6. Tannoy Ribbon Mic (Large) - Working with long cable - 700$
7. Musicman HD210 - Working - Tremolo not currently functioning (easy fix) - 1000$
8. Pearlman TM2 - Working with Dave P made capsule - 900$
9. STC 4032, 4021, 4037 x 2, 4035 - All working perfectly except 4021 (comes with box tho), 4032 moddded to always be on and xlr installed - 1000$ takes the lot.
10. AKG D224 - Working, body has slight dent - 250$
11. Sennheiser MD21 - Working - 150$
12. EV 667a - Working with suspension system - 900$
13. Altec Lipstic Tube Mic - Working with cardiod capsule - sescom transformer and new cable installed by Ross Giles - 1000$
14. Revox A77 - Working with Motown/Abbey Road mod by Broadcast Workshop, VUs are a bit funny but work fine, comes with rare side speakers - 900$
15. Alesis Midiverb 3 - PS missing (can be found easily) - 100$
16. Aphex Aural Exciter - Working - 100$

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