FS: Tegeler Audio Schwerkraft Maschine £2700

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FS: Tegeler Audio Schwerkraft Maschine £2700

Post by jimmydeluxe » Tue Jan 29, 2019 4:16 am

Love this beast–I'm just selling off everything I can't carry to travel. (contact for pics I can't attach!)

About two months old–top of class, amazing tube compressor with plugin recall VST/AU/AXX. Condition flawless–was babied into the rack where it has stayed.

12 different modes cover everything from diode and traditional vari-mu to VCA compression, M/S and de-essing. Master bus champion as well as individual sources.

Three transformers and four triode tubes per channel

Unbeatable flexibility with 11-position sidechain HP/tilt-eq selector and mix knob for parallel compression. Built-in auto gain toggle within the plugin.

Brings "life" to any recording–that depth, 3d image and movement that only hardware can bring. Handmade in Berlin with loving craftsmanship including a pirate-treasure wooden shipping container in which it will ship with original box at buyer's expense unless someone in London scoops it up

I've owned many of the top–obsidian, RND MBP, Manley V-Mu–this captures the best of all of them WITH plugin recall

Save over £400 from new–priced to sell, not looking for trades thanks

More info and lots of video samples here:

https://www.tegeler-audio-manufaktur.de ... Kompressor

Used it to master my recent EP here:

https://open.spotify.com/artist/3YJUHfp ... wQ3GiewImw

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