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FS: TAC Scorpion 24x16x2

Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2019 8:11 am
by aaronburr
- one knob is missing on an aux send but there is an extra card you can swap in if you care
- previous owner said he did a cap job on it probably 10-15 years ago
- i upgraded some of the preamp chips from ssm1015 to a combo of ssm2019, THAT1510, and 1NA217. i forgot which channels got which chips, i can open it up for you and look if you care. i have the original ssm2015 chips still. the opamps in the first 8 channels, the first 8 busses, and the output section were upgraded from TL072 to another TI op amp, forget the exact model
- some of the meter LEDs are out

i love this thing but i mix at home so it's just a glorified set of preamps and i have more of those, so please give it a nice home!

located in boston area