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FS: Yamaha M1516A heavily modified

Posted: Sun Oct 06, 2019 9:20 am
by Flyingeyepro
(Update: I was asked by many potential buyers to add the transformer based direct outs for each channel. So I did)

For Sale: Yamaha M1516A mixing console, refurbished and highly modified. This console is a clean example of the Discrete OpAmp design by Yamaha, manufactured in February of 1984. The console was based on similar topology that API used in their 1604 mixing consoles. The M1516A mic preamp is very similar to the API312C preamp, utilizing a Discrete Operational Amplifier (DOA) that operates at +/-24vdc, (API2520 is +/-16VDC). The Input EQ section is 4 band with 5 selectable frequencies for the Low Shelf, Low Mid and High Mid, and a single frequency for the High Shelf, along with a selectable High Pass filter at 80Hz. Each channel has separate Insert Send and Returns. Each channel has 2 separate XLR inputs with a selector switch on the strip. This allows the user to select the M1 input for recording and the M2 input for DAW return. An extremely useful feature when using the console for tracking and mixing/summing. For summing, the DOA can be used or bypassed, for a shorter signal path. Each channel also has 4 Aux Sends, with Inserts, selectable as Pre/Post in pairs. The M1516A has 4 Program buses and 4 Matrix buses, all with Inserts. Channels are panned between stereo pairs in the PGM buses. The PGM, FB and Echo buses and XLR Direct Ins. There are also 4 Effects In (Aux Returns basically). These features come in handing when doing parallel compression on buses. Anything can be routed almost anywhere. All inputs and outputs have high quality transformers and the entire console was hand wired with quality shielded cable. The frame is made from Japanese Oak, Russian Birch plywood with Rosewood veneer (with a little production patina).

My modifications improve it even further and make it better suited for studio tracking and mixing. Here’s the list of current modifications.

1) All electrolytic capacitors in all input and output channels replaced with Nichicon capacitors of the highest quality. Low ESR (FG & VZ) for DC power, BiPolar (ES) for audio coupling and Esoteric (KZ) for the mic preamp. Power supply was recapped also, with high temp Nichicons (VZ). Headphone amp was recapped also, same as input channel.

2) Yamaha NE80200 DOAs were tested for noise and bandwidth and solder reflowed.

3) All other signal path Opamps (Toshiba TA7322P) were replaced with Texas Instruments OPA604 Opamps on customs PCBs. This improves dynamics and headroom while reducing the overall noise floor. Also, distortion is reduced by a factor >100. Headphone amp opamp was replaced with a OPA2604 on custom PCB.

4) All EQ filter circuits were replaced with real LCR filters made with quality 1% Dale resistors, 5% Kemet film capacitors and 1% Bournes/MCE inductors. Custom PCBs were also built with full ground planes and shielding. Results are very similar to API553 but with more frequencies. Bandwidth was increased from 0.5 to 1.33 octave. Gain was increased from +/-12db to +/-15db.

5) Direct Outs for each channel have been added using Tamura GA80990 transformers (same as stock PGM and MTX transformers). This output is sourced from the Echo Pre/Post switch. This allows for the user to choose between Pre EQ/Insert/Fader or Post EQ/Insert/Fader as the recording source. Echo 1/2 still function fully. An ELCO connector is added to the back panel and cable included. Matching ELCO cable included, 24ft. long with unterminated ends. ELCO cable has 8 extra pairs that can be tied to any of the consoles outputs making patchbay wiring easier.

This is the equivalent of 16-API312C mic preamp clones AND 16-API553 LCR EQ clones. All built with quality components and attention to detail.

This M1516A comes with a roadcase on wheels, 24’ ELCO cable, PW1500B power supply and DC cable. Cost is $6400 plus delivery. Exhaustive documentation and pictures available. Shipping via Fedex Freight or LTL. Delivery possible on the east coast. Feel free to come give her a listen.

Pictures here: ... ation=true

I document my rebuilds here.

Re: FS: Yamaha M1516A heavily modified

Posted: Wed Nov 20, 2019 7:24 am
by Flyingeyepro
I had quite a few people express interest in adding Direct Out Transformers in each Input Channel. So I did.

Re: FS: Yamaha M1516A heavily modified

Posted: Thu Dec 12, 2019 4:14 pm
by Flyingeyepro