FS: DBX 166 with full Audio Upgrades package

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FS: DBX 166 with full Audio Upgrades package

Post by bhmcc » Sat Nov 23, 2019 8:05 am

DBX 166 modified by Jim Williams at Audio Upgrades with both his standard audio improvements (better components resulting in improved response, bandwidth, etc) and also his gate mod which replaces the gate release switch with a pot and also adds 2 pots for gate attack and gate range.

Here's what Jim sent me regarding the gate mods via email: The attack does 1 ms to 100 us. Stock it was set to 1 ms or a 1k sine wave attack. Anything faster would get through. If you feed a drum stick click you can hear it open up when rotated fast. The range is the amount of gating. It does -10 db to -80 db, you see that on the meters to know. Stock it was set to -60 db. I find the -10 db range great for electric bass as it mutes noise without chopping.

The compressor is free! I'm not charging for the compressor - just the cost of the mods plus shipping. $350 shipped in the lower 48.

I have many pictures available upon request.


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