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FS: Mojave MA-200 Modded by Shannon Rhoads/Mic Rehab

Posted: Thu Dec 26, 2019 1:56 pm
by Confusatron
Hey all! I'm selling this Mojave MA-200 I have that was modded by Shannon Rhoads of Mic Rehab to be more "67-Like." I wish I had more info, but I honestly have no idea what he did to it. I just know it sounds vastly improved since he worked on it. I initially brought it in for a small repair by him and it turned into getting the thing modded, hence me not having a lot of info about the work he did. I don't have much use for it anymore, otherwise I'd be keeping it. Looking to get $900 for it, as the mod was not cheap! Comes with original hard case, power supply and cables. Message me for any questions you may have, and thank you!

Jerry Roe