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Mics for Sale

Post by A.David.MacKinnon » Mon Dec 30, 2019 1:35 pm

Clearing out some under used microphones from my collection.

Apex 210 Ribbon - $75
The strain relief grommet where the cable enters the mic body is missing. Otherwise it is in very good shape and functions as it should.

Radio Shack PZM (1980’s) - $50 SOLD
In good shape and working as it should. The original 1/4" cable has been replaced with an XLR for balanced connection.

Electro Voice PL77 (1980's) - $100
Hand held condenser mic. Runs on phantom power or AA battery. In great shape.

Electro Voice 630 (1960's) - $120 SOLD
1960's bullet/salt shaker style omni dynamic. This version was originally wired HI-Z but has been rewired to factory specs for lo-z balanced output and the on-off switch has been bypassed. It's in great shape and sounds fantastic. Includes a hard to find Amphoral to XLR cable.

Beyer TX-48 - $30 SOLD
Beyerdynamic's take on the SM58. It's a nicer sounding mic to my ears. This one is in good functional shape but is well used. Scrapes, scratches in the paint and some rust on the wind screen. Works and sounds as it should.

Sennheiser MD411 pair - (1960's) - $50 SOLD
These are baby brothers to the 421 and were originally made for use with reel to reel recorders . They can be wired for hi or lo-z operation. These are wired lo-z and have xlr outs. They sound similar to the 421 but lack the low end extension. Put them anywhere you'd put a 57.
One of these mics has occasionally had intermittent output the other is fine. Priced accordingly. Includes clips and case.

Prices in USD do not include shipping. I'll ship anywhere in North America.

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