Toft ATB-16 w/ Meter Bridge (Balanced Direct Outs)

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Toft ATB-16 w/ Meter Bridge (Balanced Direct Outs)

Post by alexdingley » Tue Feb 25, 2020 10:49 am

I bought this console new in Spring 2009, and it's lived with me in my home studio over the last decade+... but I've just moved to a new spot, and I'll be working in tighter quarters, so I'm not gonna have room for this sizable console. I'll be switching to some rack-unit pre's / channel strips. I'd like to find this a new home & subsidize my next bank of preamps.

The console sounds excellent! The EQ's & preamps are all based upon the Trident 80B circuits, and though some particularly snobby Large format console owners will tell you that these aren't the same, I can tell you that drums sound MIGHTY through this board... Its magic has also helped out my guitar / bass tone immensely.

[For those that have done research on the console's maintenance needs]
There's a small routine problem that happens with these: The Control Room / Headphone pots tend to get scratchy... but I had these pots replaced by PMI-Audio (Toft's CA-based manufacturer) in October 2019, so those are golden now.

Cosmetically, it's in wonderful shape... There's a very small chip in the wooden trim on the right side, and another small knick on the front trim, but all LEDs & meters function perfectly. I'll post pictures asap.

$2600 Picked up in the Philly area [I could envision driving an hour or two to meet a buyer, if we tack on some gas-money]

Quick Summary:
1 Toft ATB-16 Analog Console
1 Toft 16ch Meter Bridge
1 Toft ATB Power Supply w/ multi-pin cable (~10' long)
1 Bag of spar mounting parts, etc (which came with the console)
1 10mm socket driver for your own service needs in the future — this is the socket you'd use to remove the nuts on the channels' pots so that you can remove a channel from the console's frame (I had to change bulbs years ago, and that required pulling the 8-bus channels out)
1 Bundle of TRS to DB25 snakes. It's 16ch. each way so that you can hook up to a line-level audio I/O that uses DB25. — these are star-ground wired (ground wires lifted on the DB25 side), which helped prevent ground loop troubles on line-level cabling.






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