***SOLD*** Advanced Audio CM-47 multi-pattern tube mic

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***SOLD*** Advanced Audio CM-47 multi-pattern tube mic

Post by digitaldrummer » Wed Feb 26, 2020 7:58 am

Advanced Audio CM-47 multi-pattern tube condenser studio microphone. It works great and sounds great. I have had it up next to a Wunder CM7 and I could have comp'd a take using either track it was that close. There was a similar review in Tape Op mag (https://tapeop.com/reviews/gear/71/cm-4 ... -tube-mic/). Works great for vocals, drums, standup/acoustic bass. Any acoustic instrument really. This has the standard AK67 capsule and Dave's BV8 transformer. The only mod to this one is the custom paint - and I was careful to keep the grounding points clean, so it is still quiet.

lot's of pictures at the link here... ***** SOLD ***********

https://reverb.com/item/32615607-advanc ... one-custom
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