Another Analog Setup - Soundcraft 600 + Tascam MS16

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Another Analog Setup - Soundcraft 600 + Tascam MS16

Post by The Scum » Sat May 09, 2020 2:26 pm

Howdy all,

Since it's close cousin just sold, i though I'd see if there's any interest in my old analog setup:

Soundcraft 600 Console. 24 inputs, 8 busses, 16 tape returns, onboard TT patchbay. Removed from a video post studio around 1998, recapped around 2000, has lived an easy life with me ever since. Has JLCooper MAGI VCA automation, though I never really used it, and it's easily bypassed. A few mismatched knobs, but everything worked when it was crated and put into storage. With operation/service manual.

Tascam MS-16 1" 16 track reel-to-reel. With DBX noise reduction, but no remote. With operation/service manual.

I've also got a pile of accessories that I'll throw in. Wiring harness to tie them together, some old (likely sticky) reels of 456, an MRL tape, QuikLok console stand...I think there's a SMPTE synchronizer I never really got working.

Both located in metro Denver, just off I-70.

Interested? Drop me a line, make me an offer.
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