FS: Scully 280-4 Half-inch 4-track

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FS: Scully 280-4 Half-inch 4-track

Post by Northamusi » Mon Jun 15, 2020 9:01 am

Scully 280-4 half-inch 4 track tape machine in working order. Overall very clean, same owner since 1990. Used lightly from '90 to 93' then stored in a climate controlled, smoke-free environment.

Package includes:

Half-inch 280 transport in good working condition. Speeds are 15 and 7.5 IPS. Lifetime of heads is unknown but all tracks record and play fine.

Date code appears to be April 5 1966 (see photo).

Four channels of 280 electronics, all in very good condition. The pots could use a good cleaning. These are ready to go as killer vintage mic preamps (they have separate mic and line inputs on the rear panel). The weird multipin connectors that connect the transport to the electronics are also included (see photo) so you’ll be able to use the original power supply to power the electronics with or without the transport. The erase, sync and play cards were all recapped.

All of the transformers for the electronics are original UTC transformers.

One power supply in excellent working order, with connector.
Complete, original manual with schematics and alignment procedures.

Known issues:

Channel 1 meter sticks a little bit

Transport will need a mechanical alignment and electronic alignment after being moved.

Erase head looks like it needs a good cleaning, but works fine

Swing arm on take up side needs a minor adjustment    (procedure in manual).

Spare parts:

One spare record amp card

A second power supply is also included, condition unknown.

Quarter-inch mono headblock with erase, sync and repro heads. Condition unknown

MRL reference tape. You may get a bit of use out of this but I wouldn’t count on it due to age. UPDATE 6/14: The MRL tape sheds when played. You might be able to bake it to make is usable, but plan that you'll need a new one for proper alignment.

Two reel clamps

Empty half-inch take- up reel

Twelve-space rack with front and rear cover.

Due to vintage nature, system is sold as-is, no returns but you are welcome to demo in person (bring your own new reel of tape).


Many more photos available. PM or call Steve 718-44nine-9415

$2,000 (trades considered for mics or preamps)
DSC_0526 LR.jpg
DSC_0526 LR.jpg (210.07 KiB) Viewed 902 times
DSC_0510 LR.jpg
DSC_0510 LR.jpg (208.45 KiB) Viewed 902 times
DSC_0509 LR.jpg
DSC_0509 LR.jpg (230.84 KiB) Viewed 902 times
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Re: FS: Scully 280-4 Half-inch 4-track

Post by Northamusi » Tue Aug 11, 2020 2:10 pm

Bump. Still available.

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