For sale: rack preamps and a direct box

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For sale: rack preamps and a direct box

Post by premiumdan » Wed Sep 23, 2020 10:29 am

Hey, All.

Hoping to re-home some things ... :)
Photos available/soon (I don't have the camera with me right now).

Definitely selling:
JoeMeek TwinQ (v1) 2ch preamp/compressor/eq -- 475? (bought new)
PreSonus MP20 (non-Jensen) 2ch preamp w/ headphone out -- 200? (bought used)
Radial JDI Duplex mk4 (Jensen) 2ch passive direct box -- 275? (bought new)

Having thoughts about selling:
2x Black Lion Audio Auteur (mk2) half-rack 2ch preamp -- 750? (bought new)

Probably shouldn't think about selling:
True Systems P2analog 2ch preamp w/ stereo phase meter -- 950? (bought used)

If I have any original boxes/manuals/etc, I'll include them.

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