Where is the link to the message board on the main page?

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Where is the link to the message board on the main page?

Post by E-money » Fri Jul 12, 2013 1:55 pm

I've noticed for the last week or so that the Board link from the main page is missing, but not all of the time. Currently when I go to the main page, the links across the mustard yellow banner are Questions, Blog, Shop, Resources, FAQ, Contact.

Please advise.
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Post by ashcat_lt » Fri Jul 26, 2013 8:19 pm

You can still get there from the "Resources" section, but it looks like they're trying to steer folks toward this new Questions thing, which is why I came through this particular subforum just now.

Here's the article about it.

Apparently they want us posting our questions and answers over there so that there so that we can rate and rank each other's answers along the lines of what Yahoo! Answers and things like that.

Frankly it already looks like a huge mess to me.

For one thing, there's no categorization from what I can see. Keywords and search terms which might be half-assed useful, but it really just looks to me like a jumble of random questions.

Maybe, just maybe, it will stop some of the "newbs" from coming through here asking the same question as the dude from yesterday, but I'm half afraid that it will also take away some of the actual interesting discussion from this forum.

Worse yet, the login from the Questions section is supposed to be different from the Forum, and I have confirmed that I can't log in there using this information, but it won't let me create a matching Questions account because it says I already exist! My handle here is exactly the same as pretty much everywhere else on the internet, and I don't think it makes any damn sense at all to have to use something different to access another part of this same site.

So, I guess I'm just going to miss out on all the fun on the Questions section, and continue to hang out here in the TOMB where it's cool and comfortable.

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Questions versus TOMB

Post by TapeOpDave » Mon Jul 29, 2013 1:07 pm

Hey guys,

You bring up a good point with the exclusion of TOMB from the main tapeop.com nav - we are perpetually restructuring and had plans to drop it back in there after more site overhauling, but based on this thread I will add TOMB into the sidebar in the interim.

Regarding the questions versus TOMB thing, the Questions section is something of an experiment. It is definitely NOT supposed to replace TOMB (like, at all. we have big plans for TOMB), but - ideally - we would like to pull the more technical audio questions and put them there. It is modeled specifically after stackoverflow.com, which is what almost every programmer on the planet surfs to when they have a technical question and is currently the 9th most visited site on the interwebs.

A visit to that site will give you the same impression as the Tape Op version: a bunch of random questions without topics. In truth though, when you are trying to hunt down an answer, their strong tag-based search & filter approach is highly effective in that it allows for 1) a much more diverse range of individual topics and 2) the ability to mix, match, and overlap topics (for ex. "XY stereo micing", "SDCs", "drums").


That is for programming, and not audio. To us the big challenge with audio is that it seems inherently more opinion-based. There are already questions that reflect this, i.e. questions that are highly opinion-based ("What is the best...") or topically broad.

Ideally, we would like to see TOMB and Questions act as a complimentary unit, where technical, specific, solution-seeking stuff is handled by Questions, while the broader, discussion and opinion-based stuff is handled here. Will this work in our field? Honestly I am not sure but am hopeful - it works really well in the programming world, so I'd like to at least give it a go here.

Thoughts, criticisms, and suggestions are welcome here - we are kinda making it up as we go!

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