In-Wall Acoustic Treatment Question

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In-Wall Acoustic Treatment Question

Post by Leviethan » Wed Feb 21, 2018 10:01 am

So I'm converting my 20'x20' garage into a work office and project studio. It won't have a separate control room.

The garage is over 100 years old and the carriage doors are essentially cosmetic at this point. Some of the wood is rotting and you can see through in spots. I need to leave them there so the structure is still considered a "garage" and I don't need to pull permits for an ADU. I hired my carpenter buddy to figure out how to deal with them. He designed four removable panels that will go into new frames inside the door frames. He's also a musician who works in studios, so he understands what I'm going for.

We have the frames installed and the panels are built. They are just under 7' tall and 3.75" deep. We're trying to decide how to proceed with finishing the panels. I want them to serve a few purposes, if possible. First to act as a new wall, insulated and weatherized. Second to keep as much sound as possible from going into the street. Third to act as bass traps or broadband absorbers inside the room.

My original idea was that there would be an air gap, then 2" to 4" of OC 703 boards inside the panels. Since the panels are not quite 4" deep, the 703 would be sticking out several inches. My buddy thinks we should just put in tar paper, soundboard, rockwool insulation and finish the surface with tongue and groove pine boards. So they would essentially be removable walls that I could then hang 703 panels on. I'll also have Corner Bass Traps, so I'm not sure that I need 90% of this new wall to be filled with absorption panels. I'm pretty sure that I'll have the drum set sitting in this area, so maybe I do want a lot of absorption?

Here are a couple of photos of the panels and doors. Any advice would be appreciated.
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