Weird trade

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Weird trade

Post by civiljar » Mon Feb 14, 2005 2:16 pm

I have two of these sony Watchman things (little hand held TV's) that me and my sister recieved as gifts a while back and never used they're in mint condition (pics available) and I'd like to get rid of them and patch some holes in my board at the same time. they run on 3 AA batteries have an antenna/lanyard a 3 inch screen etc. they went for about 150$ new.
what I'm looking for are the following I'll trade one of these straight across for:
Boss DS-2
boss metal zone
Danecho(the purple one)
any ibanez 10 seiries
danelectro fabtone
a russian small stone (plus some cash)
I'll trade both for an sm 57 or a boss feedbacker
I think it's a pretty reasonable trade. I'm open to dicker on these and will do +/- cash where aplicable.
email me at
Regards, adam
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