FS/FT: vintage GATES tube preamp, Tascam 238S, snakes!

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FS/FT: vintage GATES tube preamp, Tascam 238S, snakes!

Post by jdsowa » Wed Feb 16, 2005 10:25 am

GATES tube mic preamp (type M-5136) $350

Most likely from the 50s or 60s. Good cosmetic shape. Functions perfectly. VU meter and everything. Two XLR inputs, one 1/4" output. has a 12AU7 tube ("made in Holland"), three RCA 5879 tubes, and a GE 6X4 next to the R-3A power transformer. Two-prong plug.

Gates Front
Gates Back
Gates Inside

Tascam 238S 8-track Syncaset Cassette Recoder $160

This is the "much sought after" Dolby S version. Tracks 1 and 8 do not work. Tracks 2 through 7 work great. In other words, it has 6 tracks!

Tascam Front
Tascam Back

Two 8 channel HOSA RCA to 1/4" snakes $25

I'm pretty sure these are HOSA. They look like it, don't they?


As far as trades are concerned I'm interested in the following thingies:

1. Echo Layla, 8in, 8out box. Or perhaps something comparable like the E-Mu 1820.

2. DBX 266 or perhaps RNC



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