Need Engineering Gig in Austin Texas.

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Need Engineering Gig in Austin Texas.

Post by obermorph » Fri Feb 27, 2004 10:12 am

Man, I tell ya.....I've been in Austin since thanksgiving, and I moved here without a job. I still don't have a girl though, but she will most likely be out of work soon, and so I have extra incentive to get my ass in gear. I did have a couple of interviews with Apple computer here, and the job was supposed to start on March 1st. Welp, it is the friday before and no call yet....what do you think?

So, About me......
Orriginaly from NY, My parents are classical musicians, and My Father has been running a successful studio since before I was born ( I grew up with some ears. Personally I play (or have) Violin, cello, Upright and Electric Bass, French-Horn, and some hand percussion. My last possition was at Infinite Studios in Alameda California....where I was second engineer. There were some truly great projects going on there, and I learned alot and had a blast. You can check out some of my work at, it is some of my favorite.

So listen, I have experience in/with the following.....
Pro-tools (up to and including HD 192) RADAR, Digital Performer, Logic, 2"....etc. I know the difference between a Neuman U-49 and U-67, an Avalon and a Neve....
I know the sonic difference between mixing within PT and going through a real board....and how to run it as well:)
I've got a coupla fun little tricks up my sleave, and a genuine passion for live recording. I've even built a 16 channel mobile studio that runs on Solar!

But I need a job.....and I need to make music again.....and I need a little help.......

.......and I appreciate good, warm hearted people........

thanks yall.


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