Looking to intern/assist @ Chicago studio.

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Looking to intern/assist @ Chicago studio.

Post by pedalboy » Sun May 09, 2004 11:00 pm

My name is Matthew Good. I'm looking for an internship at a Chicago-area studio this summer. I'm currently in college pursuing degrees in studio recording and computer science. Here's some other useful information about me:

1) ProTools 101 certification
2) Quick learner, good with computers.
3) I can wrap cables
4) Handy with a soldering iron.
5) Instinctual understanding of signal flow.
6) Hard worker, 7+ years of experience.
7) Violin player with a musician's ear.

I've worked with various consoles and control surfaces includeing the Control|24 and Soundcraft series 8000 and K2 consoles. You can hear samples of my engineering work at http://www.pedalboy.net/studio/samples.html. That said, the bottom line is that I'm familiar with studio situations and will clean your toilets.

I can start around may 27th. Email me at pedalboy@pedalboy.net for more details. Thanks.


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