Portland PC users - PLEASE READ

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Portland PC users - PLEASE READ

Post by kRza. » Thu Dec 02, 2004 3:12 pm

Hello. I know this should go in the computer thread - but wanted to post here as well.

I'll give the abridged version here. I have a PC a friend built for me 4 years ago - built wonderfullly, it's been fine - built specifically for audio, worked great. Til recently.
Took it to a computer repair shop & it's a fucking joke - I NEED a musically inclined person to help me get this shit operational again. Update firmware, motherboard, etc... fix whatever the hell is going wrong.
Please PM me if you think you can help and have experience with this sort of thing. I'll make it well worth your time & pay you handsomely for completeing the task.

Thanks in advance. - k


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