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yo - soundworks responds

Post by tonyespinoza » Sun Dec 05, 2004 10:27 am

i have to apologize to everyone who sent email but didn't get a response. we've been super busy and i've been horribly behind on emails. things will get better now that i have hired someone new who is responsible for the interview process. and we do have a couple of open positions. but again, i apologize that i can't get back to each person individually. i receive about 150 emails a day, so it's rough.

i also wanted to respond to a few things here in the thread and make sure everyone knows what's up.

as we've grown over our first year, i've realized that we need folks who are very close to being a 1st engineer. why? well, we have 4 control rooms and are getting ready to run 2 shifts per day. our A room is booked solid through to March. we simply need the help! and it's a great opportunity if you hella serious about this. if you learn to be a killer assistant you will begin to get paid ($100 per day). but i'll admit my standards are very high. to assist you need to know MORE about the room than most of the engineers that work here and to be a 1st you have to convince me that you rock on many levels. that means you've done some recordings here and you have proven to have the technical chops and the people skills to run sessions well. i've been working 14 to 18 hour days straight and more than ever we need new engineers here who are willing to invest in learning the room so they can contribute to the process. in addition to assisting, some folks get paid to do editing, and tape-oping. the bottom line is that you have to rock at ProTools and if you know your way around a Studer A827 well, you will have a leg up on most people here. don't even try to tell me you know how to run the 9K (unless you REALLY do, of course).

we currently have about 6 interns. none of them are from expressions center for new media (mike is no longer here). some have no formal training. some have degrees from Berkeley, Berkelee, UCSF, or the conservatory. the point is that we've found the folks we have now from either this board, craigs list, or through personal referrals.

some of the projects we've been working on lately have been really fun. i've enjoyed mixing an upcoming release with Why? (Yoni) from Anticon. i'm finishing a new EP with Rogue Wave (SubPop). i'm also in preproduction or premix with Oranger, Every Move A Picture, and I AM SPOONBENDER. DJ Shadow has spent some time tracking for his upcoming release and we did the remixes for Keane's single and the Radiohead remix of "The Gloaming" here with Count. on top of all this we've had our moments with Alanis, Ice Cube, John Cale, Todd Rundgren, R.E.M., etc. so there's a good reason why we will continue to seek out the best folks to work here. it's incredibly hard work, and the pay is crap, but if you care about making records, it's so worth it.

my advice if your interested in working here is:

1) send an email. include your resume. call the studio at 415.503.1110 and introduce yourself to Kim. she runs the intern program now. do your self a favor and don't pelt her or us with emails or calls. we begin to assume that you don't have good people skills if you do that.

2) the vibe here is pretty laid back. we don't like sales people. we don't like pushy people. keep it honest and relaxed and you'll do fine.

3) we WILL ask you technical questions before we hire you. that means you better fucking know how to read a VU meter or you won't have a chance. i also ask a lot of questions about protools because i won't seriously consider a person unless they know it well.

4) if you don't like working under pressure or working very long hours, you don't want to work here. even though the vibe is laid back, we work like crazy.

-tE tony@sfsoundworks.com

415.503.1110 vox

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