HELP WANTED - Studio Tech for Large Manhattan Studio

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HELP WANTED - Studio Tech for Large Manhattan Studio

Post by cookiekixx » Thu Dec 30, 2004 10:22 am

Hey all,
it's time for me to move on so i need to hire a replacement for myself as a tech at a large manhattan recording studio. please read the descriptions below and send your resumes to or

day time tech at Manhattan recording studio from 9-5. there are two other techs who all work together to keep the studio running smoothly. you will be the primary protools tech and are soley responsible for keeping the protools systems up to date and functioning properly. other responsibilities include wiring, SSL channel and fader repairs, running video and digital sync networks, maintaining the company's internet system, synchronizing and aligning analog tape machines and just generally keeping things cool. we have several bigtime mix engineers who can be very demanding. alot of what your job is about is keeping these guys happy. i will train whoever gets the job until i leave at the end of january.

a 5 floor recording facility in midtown manhattan. one of new york cities primary studios with 4 SSL rooms for mixing or tracking. many historic records have been cut here and its been my home base for the last 2 years.
the staff consists of an owner, three managers, about a dozen assistant engineers and many interns. it operates 24 hours a day 360 days a year.

- you absolutely must know everything about Digidesign Protools HD hardware and software. we have several systems and they need routine maintenance. also when sessions stop you need to quickly solve the problems to reduce downtime oftenly while the clients are watching you carefully.
- you must fluently know macintosh hardware and software and understand operating system errors.
- complete understanding of analog and digital signal flow.
- able to use multimeter, oscilliscope, cable tester, and soldering iron
- full understanding of synchronization for digital clocking as well as positional reference
- must be able to align analog multitrack and mixdown recorders (Studer and Ampex)
- experience with SSL mixing consoles a plus. we have 4 of them and you will have to keep them serviced

Thanks for checking this out!
Chris Coady

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Re: HELP WANTED - Studio Tech for Large Manhattan Studio

Post by junkstar » Thu Dec 30, 2004 11:38 am

Digital recording sounds so dreamy....


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