Wanted: Music Internships in NYC

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Wanted: Music Internships in NYC

Post by beehappie » Thu Jan 06, 2005 10:39 am

I'm looking for an internship this summer in the New York City area. Anything that has to do with music... I'll do anything! I want to learn more about the music industry, etc. Please e-mail me back with questions, advice, or suggestions. Thank you!

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Re: Wanted: Music Internships in NYC

Post by brew » Sat Jan 08, 2005 5:38 pm

you won't find studio gigs on messageboards or job sites. read the liner notes of your favorite records, learn where they were made, look them up on the web, and hit the pavement and the telephone...

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Re: Wanted: Music Internships in NYC

Post by AHartman » Sun Jan 09, 2005 1:07 pm

Mix just put out their "Master List" directory of studios across the country. Most listings have web sites...check them, make some calls and send out lots of resumes. also try http://1212.com/rec/usa/newyork.html. good luck!
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Re: Wanted: Music Internships in NYC

Post by rauri76 » Tue Jan 11, 2005 10:30 am

Oh boy!
INternships aka what can you do for us sucker.
I suggest lining up like 3 internships then weed em out depending on various factors.
If you are looking to get hired, don't stay at the studios that just took a paycut, are struggling, just hired the owners cousin, or use you for bullshit like, coffee cleaning delivering packages etc exclusively. I had no problem with cleaning and coffee but delivering packages. Thats a messengers work. And a lot of my friends were messengers. Now those studios and their unknowing interns, are taking jobs and pay away from messengers. Thats bullshit. (I'm a big union supporter.) ANyways delivering packages is bullshit cause you ain't even in the building. Poman Studios (post house near the diamond district) used the interns for delivering packages all the time. THere were many days where I spent the entire 8 hours just delivering packages. Fuck that. ANyways I learned they took a pay cut, they had an antiquated HD system made by Fairlight which is now chapter 11, and the owner Bob Poman (real nice guy) hired his cousin (he did deserve it though fucker worked hard) so I left there.
If you are just looking to learn, find a nice small studio where you can be indispensable and get your hands on a lot of shit.
Try to get an internship that will reimburse for shit like train fare and lunch.
Try post houses, its more commercial, but they make more money ie you have a chance of getting hired and making decent money.
Beware mon frere a lot of frickin jerks out there.
Duotone studios...down by Chinatown, a jingle house, I interned there for a while and they basically used me for manual labor. Always had me cleaning shit. Not just like dusting the consol I'm talking like emptying out there storage space, hauling out about a dumpster full of construction shit, work that any laborer would charge $25 an hour for. And the whole time the owner (Pete) telling me, "Oh if you can just hang on for another coupla months then we should get some money in and put you on payroll." Coupla months go by and the same line again. After no delivery. I got the fuck outta there.
ANother post house, I forget the name west side 30's. I would go there and there would be nothing to do, so instead of wasting my time I would call in the morning to see if there was anything happening. And if not, then I would do some freelance AV work for $20/hour. Well they didn't like that. Fuck you and your studio then. I left there. They used me for a lot of construction BS work anyway.
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