Info on branching out as producer.

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Info on branching out as producer.

Post by giddycat » Mon Jan 17, 2005 7:05 pm

Hey all,

I've been a studio owner and engineer in Eugene, OR for a little over 7yrs. I have been hired as a Producer for 7 different artists in about as many genres and have found more juice in doing those works than I ever thought possible. I LOVE engineering, but I am ECSTATIC about being a producer!

I just hired a second engineer to do all the jobs I have been doing, so that I might be able to jump on more traveling and biggger local jobs.

I am ready to go into full throttle Producing, but I find that I have few connections into that side of the biz.

I am looking for advice, help, and above all - warnings! If anyone can direct me to books, people, agencies, etc... that are authorities on this I would be very much abliged.

Thaks in advance, and This board Rocks!

Thaddeus. :wink:


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