The Listening Sessions seeks intern/assistant AE - RTP, NC

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The Listening Sessions seeks intern/assistant AE - RTP, NC

Post by Dot » Fri Feb 04, 2005 10:26 pm

The Listening Sessions is seeking a person or persons living in or near the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area of North Carolina who want to get a first-hand opportunity at using and listening to a dizzying array of audio products on the market.

TLS compares mics and mic pres and other audio gear in a variety of settings. Check out the TLS website. If you have the Nov/Dec 04 issue of Tape Op #44 - check out the article on TLS.

You are:
1. Musician
2. Have some recording experience
3. Organized

There is no pay, but the perks are sweet: A couple of times a year TLS will travel down to Myrtle Beach, SC where we'll work in a studio there for a day or two. Accomodations will be provided in a private condo on the beach. We'll also be able to offer some very generous industry accomodation prices on some of the gear if you happen to fall in love with something you can't live without. And, of course, there's checking out the gear with your own ears.

This "obligation" will not require huge amounts of time. We're looking at a couple of 3-4 hour sessions per month sort of thing, and can work around everyone's schedule.

Duties will be include setting up mics, setting up mic pres, some operation of HD system during tracking, keeping track of levels and files and notes. Editing and cleaning up tracks.

Please contact me at with "TLS" in the subject line if interested, and include your name and tel #.

Dan Richards
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