In Denver, Won't Travel, But Will Work For Cheap

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In Denver, Won't Travel, But Will Work For Cheap

Post by sthslvrcnfsn » Thu Feb 10, 2005 11:58 pm

"repost" is as follows:

Just moved to the Denver area, and I am looking for a job. Please don't make me work at my stupid restaurant job forever!

I have recorded myself and friends for the last 6 years - since I was a freshman in high school. I graduated from the Recording Workshop in Ohio this past summer. I interned at Refraze Records in Dayton, Ohio from September through December. I am comfortable with band sessions, forensic audio, audio for video, some mastering, tape machines, protools, Alesis adats and the HD24, crappy mics, good mics, musicians (am/was/will be one, been around them), instruments, some electrical engineering, soldering, etc...

Worked on a few things recently: [engineered, co-mixed] Human Wick Effect - Ann Arbor "math-metal", i guess; [assisted] Captain of Industry - indie band from Dayton, Ohio; [engineered, co-mixed, co-mastered] Actually I'm Sad - drum machine+delay+live drums+metal+odd time signatures+synths+acoustic+falsetto and screaming; MSB - funk from Columbus, Ohio...bass player worked with Prince 2 years ago when he was 18.

PM or email me for a resume, recomendations, and a disc, or just to talk!

jim mcgowan


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