Internship opportunity at new pro studio in San Francisco

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Internship opportunity at new pro studio in San Francisco

Post by tonyespinoza » Wed Jan 07, 2004 11:20 am

Recording Studio Seeks Budding Engineers and Producers for Internship

San Francisco Soundworks is a newly established professional recording studio that attracts major label and independent projects to San Francisco from LA, New York, and all over the Bay Area. The facility features several control rooms, including an amazing drum room and the most well equipped SSL 9000J mix room in Northern California. We are completely focused on making music and in particular on supporting a community of successful artists, producers, engineers, and music labels in the Bay Area.

We are currently seeking interns who are dedicated to building their career in the music business. Excellent people skills are a must as well as an intense interest and dedication to learning the tools of your trade. We believe that the only way to learn about making records is to make records. We don't care about recording schools, all we care about is that you are eager to learn and determined to make the most of your time here. Intern duties range from opening the studio and preparing it for clients to managing and maintaining a vast inventory of high end analog and digital equipment. All interns are encouraged to book free time in the studio and complete their own projects. All interns will receive individual and group training on the SSL as well as equipment from Neve, Neumann, API, Urei, AKG, Telefunken, etc. Successful interns will have the opportunity to assist clients in making records.

--- An understanding of analog electronics and hands-on experience with ProTools are required.

The following is an excerpt from our Web site where you can learn more about the studio:

Please visit for more info.

Since opening in August, we've been excited to host major album projects with Vanessa Carlton, Stephan Jenkins, Joe Chiccarelli, John Cale, RawSun, & Death Angel.

San Francisco Soundworks' vision is to provide world-class studio facilities for major label productions while nurturing a community of independent artists.

Our flagship, Studio A, features a new SSL 9072 mixing console and a vast array of vintage outboard gear and microphones. Major projects finally have the option to stay in San Francisco and mix on a 9K. Our convenient downtown location makes it a great destination for LA-based projects as well.

We believe the independent spirit of San Francisco is alive and well, and we are doing what we can to bolster and develop the local music scene. Studio B, C, and D are our artist development rooms and are priced to support the artistic vitality and sonic quality of independent productions.

Help us bring the music back to San Francisco.

Billboard Magazine:
New Golden Gate Studio Rivals Big Guys

Studio Seeks to Re-Define the San Francisco Sound ... .php?id=70

415.503.1110 vox

the ultimate SSL 9K mix room
and we support independent music
[imagine that]

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Re: Internship opportunity at new pro studio in San Francisc

Post by Disine » Thu Jan 08, 2004 3:36 am

I sent you a PM


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