Meeting The Greater Sacramento Area Recording Community.

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Meeting The Greater Sacramento Area Recording Community.

Post by Recording Engineer » Thu Jan 15, 2004 3:30 pm

This thread is not a job or internship position offer; nor am I specifically looking for one with this thread. I am simply interested in meeting YOU!

I've been running a small recording studio out of my small home in Orangevale, CA (on the edge of Sacramento), open to the public since 1997. You may view my website listed below in the contact info.

On this recording messageboard and on a couple others, I've noticed a surprising number of users in the Greater Sacramento Area. I'd like to meet you all, if for nothing more than to establish a community and meet others who are into all of this. You'll meet me and checkout and hangout in my little humble studio. I'll meet you and I'll checkout and hangout in your studio or bedroom, or whatever if you happen to have a place or area setup where you record.

To be honest, I'm not opposed to having an intern if someone really wanted to do an internship with me for some reason, though my small humble studio doesn't really need one, nor have the room for an extra body in the control room. Nor do I feel you'd benefit from interning at my studio anymore than if you have your own gear and just spend the time working on your craft on your own, as I did.

I've had an assistant engineer for quite a few years now and he helps whenever I have a session scheduled and he's available (when he doesn't have to work), but I'm finally starting to get to a point where I am getting busier and he's gotten to a point where he's only available all day Sundays & Mondays. Plus, I have a feeling he'll be having a child sometime this year, so who knows what that'll bring. He's told me how much he'd really love to be able to make a career out of recording (as would I), but it doesn't seem he's making any effort to make it that way, at not at this point in his life. Not that it matters if he decides one way or the other. I just need to know his plans.

Ultimately, what I'd really like to do is find some-sort of partner (whatever the "partnership" may be) where we can eventually move to studio out into a commercial facility... However, we need to get the studio busy enough on a regular basis to be able to justify it and to get to a point where we could both make enough money with it.

Anyhow, just ideas thrown out there.

So if ANYONE is interested in meeting with me for whatever the reason, even if just to say "Hi" and talk shop to whatever degree, please feel free to contact me at ANY hour.

Weston Ray
Weston House Recording
Sacramento/Orangevale, CA
(916) 987-6692


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